Back in School after 50!

Yes, I am back in school after 20 years. I decided to return to school to get my degree in Graphic Design and Web Design. I am currently taking a class called GCOM 361 Beginning Creative Web Design. My first assignment was to get a blog and I am very excited that I will finally be able to have a web presence with this blog. I was also assigned the task of searching for and evaluating web sites – looking for a sample of a GOOD web site and a BAD web site. Below are those examples:


I thought the Child Fund International website was a good web site because it was clean, well organized and had very legible san serif font usage. The navigation buttons were easy to read and follow. All of the links I tried worked and there were no broke links found. I am particularly fond of the color green, and the addition of the different shades/tints of green with accents of golden gradient buttons made the overall design look color balanced. There was a nice cluster of graphics on the home page and the additional web page links were nicely laid out and had a clean look with good use of white space – not too crowded. I especially liked to map on the “EXPLORE” page.


I thought “the hunger site” was pretty bad. The home page was too busy!  There were so many different navigation bars in so many different places. I hated the navigation bars on the right side. I do not want to have to turn my head to read. Plus they had so many different graphics I could not tell what the web site was about. Are they in the business to sell products to raise money for the hunger? When you click on the navigation bars at the top, each of those pages has a different color theme and I found it more distracting that functional. All of the pages look the same – way too busy! If I had clicked on every link on this web site, I would still be clicking! This web site needs organization. But at this point, I would not know where to start.

Since this is my first blog… I hope I did it correctly.


About Beverly D. McGhee

Student at Sacramento City College studying Graphic Communication.
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