Wireframes and Web Sites

Ok. The best way I can describe what a wireframe is, is to compare it to a blueprint of a house. A contractor cannot just start nailing boards together. First he needs a plan. He needs to know how big the house is going to be. How many rooms there are? What size the rooms are?  Where they are located in the house? Do these rooms have doors that lead to other rooms or windows? (My analogy for internal or external links.) He needs to know a lot of information about the project before he jumps into the building phase.

So the wireframe is the blueprint the web developer uses to determine how large the web site will be. He will indicate how many pages there will be, where the navigation will go, how much space will be needed for the content, etc. Although there are several different ways to make wireframes, below is a link that my instructor provided that shows what a wireframe might look like:

How to Create Website Wireframes

I hope the above analogy makes sense to you. When my project wireframe is complete, I will post a link to it so you can see how my wireframe turns out.


About Beverly D. McGhee

Student at Sacramento City College studying Graphic Communication.
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