Web Content Draft 01

Our assignment was to place the web content for our site project into Microsoft Word or some other text editing program. We were suppose to be sure to include paragraph headers, bullet lists, block quotes, links and image placeholders. Five pages were to be included with at least 100 words per page. I did 8 pages.

Well that was all very challenging, as my site is not an information site. The goal of the site is to market and sell cheesecakes. I did manage to get 100 words for most of the pages, but I really had to labor to get them! I use partial html codes to give a general indication of what was what, but no way did I intend my instructor to think that I did not know how to end the tags. They are just there for show I included them. For example I put <h1> in front of the heading, but did not put </h1> at the end. I know it goes there, but I am going to wait until we start the actual HTML coding before I kill myself trying to show all of the divs, ids, tags, classes, etc. So don’t be too hard on my Professor Hogan!

Web Content Draft 01


About Beverly D. McGhee

Student at Sacramento City College studying Graphic Communication.
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