Moving On Up

Well it has been a long time since I updated my blog. You were probably wondering where I have been. Finished up my Graphic Communications degree in May 2012 and have been busy creating some new and exciting projects–both graphic design and web design. Here are just a couple of sites that I have designed and developed over the past two years:

I have several other web projects in the works and will share those will you soon. Because I have been so busy, I have not had time to work on my own website, but hope to have it updated by the end of this year. This has been wonderful learning experience and hope to be to increase business in the coming year.

Blessings, joy and peace…


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Fall 2012

I was very pleased with myself that I finished my Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Communication at Sacramento City College this past May 2012. I was also able to receive my Certificate of Completion in Graphic Communication.

Now I just have one more semester to go to complete my Certificate of Completion in Web Design. I am taking 3 classes this semester: CISW320 Introduction to Web Site Development, GCOM390 Motion Design 1, and STAT300 Statistics. It looks like all 3 classes are going to be a lot of work, but I am determined to finish the course and do my very best to be successful.

I will try to be more faithful about posting to my blog this semester, as it will be part of my assignments to post regularly in the CISW320 class.

Blessings to all my fellow students!

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Spring 2012

Ok, so I am not very timely with my posts, but I have a very valid excuse. Due to some oversights, I was informed by the SCC counseling staff that one of my classes from Oakwood would not be accepted for the humanities general education requirement, so I had to take a class this past summer 2011. The same thing happened again when I went to register for the Spring 2012 session. They ended up not accepting the Life Teachings class from Oakwood and I had to take another class that would meet the requirement for the Life Skills category. So now, instead of taking 3 class the Spring semester, I have 4 classes. Yikes! I was not prepared for that. Had I known, I would have taken the class in Fall 2011. Oh well, it is too late to cry about it now.

I am taking GCOM362 Intermediate Web Design, GCOM370 Web Projects, GCOM340 Beginning Digital Illustration, and PSCH410 The Psychology of Creativity, Intuition and Problem Solving (that’s a mouth full)!

I took the Beginning Digital Imaging and Beginning Digital Illustration class the past semester and this semester, because due to limitations and budget cuts, a lot of the other courses are not being offered. Aaron Winters is teaching the Intermediate Web Design and Web Projects classes. He is very knowledgeable and has been very patient and helpful. Unfortunately they are not offering the Advanced Web Design class, which he had been teaching, but hopefully they will in the future and I think I will come back and take it later down the road.

For now, I am trying to keep my head in the books and trying to be prayerful in getting through this semester as I look forward to graduation on May 16th, Lord willing!

I will try to follow up with some class work examples soon.

God bless you all and keep praying for me!

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Fall 2011

This post is way overdue. I have been so busy, that I am just now getting an update. Sorry for the delay.

I had a very productive and enjoyable Fall semester at Sacramento City College. I took GCOM 313 Beginning Digital Imaging from Tom Cappelletti and it was great. Tom is one of the best professor I have. He is approachable and always willing to answer questions. I recommend that anyone who wants to get their AA degree consider the Graphic Communication major. The teaching staff knows their stuff and you will be well prepared to work toward your B.S. in Graphic Design, Web Design or Interactive Media fields.

I also took GCOM347 Typography from Missy Anapolsky. She is awesome, but be prepared to work! We did a lot of thumbnail sketches, but she gives you a really good design fundamental foundation. However, you have to do the work. Missy is very approachable and eager for you to be a critical thinker, and be able to critique your work as well as others. I met some really nice people in this class.

Only one more semester to go!

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Summer 2011

Well, I thought that Summer School would be easy. A quick 4-week class and it would be a piece of cake. Yeah right! Oops! I did not realize that a 16-week class could actually be crammed into 4 weeks, but they did it.

I took Introduction to World Religions and thought that I was going to have to drop the class. It was Monday through Thursday, 3 hours a day, with 3 to 4 hours of reading and another 3-4 hours of note taking for me. My eyes were tired and my hands were getting weak, but my husband would not let me give up. With his encouragement, and a lot of prayer, I pushed on to complete the course.

There was a daily essay quiz, 2 written papers (minimum of 5.5 pages) due by the end of the course and a final written essay examine. I was not sure what grade I would receive, as I did not have very much confidence in my writing skills after 20 years out of school. Well, the day of the final exam, I prayed before leaving the house, I prayed before getting out of my car and I repeated “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” – all the way to class from the parking lot.

Ten days later I checked my grades at the school’s records and admission office. To my surprise, but relief and much joy, I received an A in the class. The Lord is truly blessing me and sustaining me, as I give myself no credit for this accomplishment. I give all praise, honor and glory to God!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

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Spring 2011 Final Results

Wow! My first semester back to school was quite a challenge. However, the Lord brought me through in a mighty way. I was blessed to complete all five classes with five As and made the Deans list with a 4.0! Hallelujah!

I had some great instructors and I am thankful for the opportunity to attend school.

It just goes to show you that with a lot of prayer and a lot of hard work, you can finish what you start!


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Visit My Class Website

This is a site that I created for my GCOM 361 Beginning Creative Web Design Class in the first few weeks of class.

Originally I had a link to the school server, but it is no longer available. So I moved it to my temporary business website:
We were only required to create a 5-page website, but my friend, Cynthia, wanted me to design a website for her. She still needs to provide me with additional content in order to complete and launch the site. But I was able to complete 7 pages and includes several links to PDF files and a contact form!

I am still working on my business website and hope to have it finished by the end of December 2012.

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